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Meet the New Boss...Same as the Old Boss

I know I lived through those smog restricted times, and that fugly little silver blue ride, with the automatic, dusted off a lot of what folks thought were much faster cars. Most of us who lived through the 70s struggled to find something that would run decent and the catalytic converters were in their infancy and there was no such thing as High Flow system. So , lived in Kansas and just deleted them on my 6.6 TA 77 Trans Am and it woke the car up a bunch. There is not a better time than now, with all the HP wars continuing for almost 2 decades. This ERA will be talked about a lot longer than the Muscle Car Period of the 60s , as it is lasting so much longer. 20 years from now folks will wax philosophic about the late 90s through now. Good info on the Boss ( especially the 429 ) and if folks want to see some of these old beasts they should sign up for the Mustang Roundup ( ) this September, because besides the track events , there is a small car show , and the last two years we actually had two Boss 429s show up ( along with Mach 1 428s, older Bosses, and more ).
I wish Ford would build a Ford performance museum similar to what GM has with it's National Corvette Museum. Ford has such an incredible story to tell but all this histroy is now spread across the USA found in dealerships, tracks, individuals, private collections, etc. Ford could do something real special with what this museum would represent.
Imagine the horror when I was in high school and my mom traded in our 1974 Mustang II Ghia on a Gremlin!
Imagine the horror when I was in high school and my mom traded in our 1974 Mustang II Ghia on a Gremlin!
:D:D:D Damn! I'm not sure if that combo was and upgrade or a downgrade. I'll leave that one up for you to decide. I can't really comment as my Mom never drove and my Dad had a Peugeot station wagon. It had a 3 speed column manual shifter and what seemed to me to be about 100 hp.
Even though the mustang was mustard colored with a padded vinyl roof it was a downgrade!
My mother-in-law had this hideous Chevy Chevette. The family would always joke about her "Vette". You should see this thing. There were rust holes in the floor pan on both the passenger and driver side. You could see the street wiz below your feet and if you ever dropped anything on the floor while driving it was lost as it would sure enough fall through the floor board. In the winter the cold air would come rushing in through these holes and you could never get warm. She had to get rid of it because one year the vehicle would not pass through the annual state inspection which precluded her from ever driving the vehicle again. The car was deemed unsafe. My mother-in-law was so cheap. She had plenty of cash but she just refused to spend it on anything. She eventually wound up buying a used Toyota Camry which was probably the best vehicle she ever owned. At least you could stay warm inside.

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