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Method Of Transport

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So the method of transport listed on the window sticker, rail or convoy. This is how the cars are transported from area 51 to our dealers? Mine is listed as convoy, trip from MI to MA is ~ 800 miles seems like rail would be a much more cost effective way to travel. Is this accurate?
just curious. The last car I ordered, 03 Cobra, i believe was on a car carrier the entire way (not 100% sure though it was a long time ago).
I have seen a few Fords with rail rot on the lots here, mostly ones shipped in winter. The dealers don't seem to know how to clean off the salt, and Excursions in particular were known to sit on the lot so long with the salt that the exhaust would have holes in it. One of the Expeditions my bro almost bought had rust under it for that reason, luckily I went with him when he went to sign the papers and pointed it out to him so he waited for a clean one.
i don't care much about that as this will be a winter vehicle plenty of salt on the roads for months. just curious if it's faster by truck or rail and then truck.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
HI Jeff,

I'm pretty sure your Boss will travel by rail to the rail yard in Ayer, MA. It's a huge transport hub for both Ford & GM. From there, a local transport company will haul vehicles from there to local dealers. Which dealership in MA are you getting your Boss from? If mine gets shipped by rail as yours does, it will make the last 80 mile trip up to my dealer in Epsom, NH by truck. So I hope about a 4 week trip from the time it rolls off the production line, goes to AAI, then gets queued up for a rail car on Ramp 51, and then finally make the 800 mile trip by rail to Ayer and up to my dealer.

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