Method to lower shoulder harness?

Discussion in 'Road Racing Forum' started by TennTex, Nov 16, 2018.

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    I've done some research on my issue, but haven't found much...

    I've been slowly converting my 2017 GT-PP to a dedicated track-car over the last 2 years. I bought the base GT-PP car with the Recaro seat option, knowing I wanted to track the car and use these seats until I later got true race seats.

    I installed the Cool-tech roll-hoop which includes a bar for wrapping my Schroth shoulder harnesses. The bar lines up height/vertical wise with the Recaro seats, but when I started using a Necksgen hans device, I realized that the openings in the Recaro seats are higher than the Boss 302 & GT350 Recaro seats! I am 5' 8", so my shoulders are just below the openings, so it does not secure the hans very well.

    So, I would like to be able to lower the point at which the harness comes from the bar to the seats by an inch or two. Ideally, I would prefer NOT to have to cut or weld the existing roll hoop/bar.

    I have found on some other forums where they have welded a second bar below the main one, but wondering if anyone has any experience with a bolt/add-on solution.

    Appreciate any ideas!

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