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MGW or PRO 5.0

I see a lot people have the mgw I never driven one or see how they felt I driven the pro 5.0 my brother has it in his Shelby I hear a lot negative things about the mgw and was wondering how you guys like it compared to the 5.0
What sort of negative things do you hear about the MGW?
ArizonaGT said:
I don't think I've heard anything but praise for the functionality of the MGW; the only real downside is that it's the most expensive option for an aftermarket shifter.

It is also built better then anything Ive seen.


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I dont know anyone with a PRO5.0 shifter. I would like to hear these negatives. The only thing is the long wait time. Barton is now even in cost if you get the shifter and rear bracket.

I have drove PRO 5.0 shifters on fox bodies with T-5's and they are ok.
I didn't hear anything crazy just a lot pl I know have older mustangs maybe that why they don't have the mgw because I herd they are nicer on newer cars


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I had a MGW shifter on my 96 cobra with a T-56 and had a Steeda one prior to it MGW was smoother quieter and you could adjust the handle position and amount of throw. I dont know of anyone ever saying that didnt like their MGW shifter.
My MGW should be shipping next week hopefully... I haven't heard really anything negative, (ship time), and maybe how it changes the Throw length a little on 1st-2nd... Other than that its been all "GET MGW, Replace with MGW"... So that is what I am doing... The Stock Shifter is a complete POS. Some say the Tranny itself is a POS too, but its allot cheaper to replace a shifter and get by than a entire tranny. Plus I am sure Ford would have a warranty Fit if you replaced the tranny, I seriously doubt they say anything about a different shifter.

Allot of my "Old car guys" keep asking "Why didn't you get a Barton, or Hurst shifter"... Because everyone that has a BOSS on the forums uses MGW, and allot them "Track their cars". So if its good enough and tuff enough for the track, its good enough for what I will do with it.

I guess we will find out in about a week or so... Regardless I won't use the Stock Shifter again... Heck I would covert the car to an Automatic before I put that dang thing back in the car...


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I'm able to compare and contrast between stock and the MGW every time I drive the wife's GT. I'm sure there might be 5-10% of folks who install the MGW might still prefer the more sedate and 'slippery' feel of the OEM shifter. The MGW is much more 'industrial' that is built to last forever, get better with age, and provide reliable high speed shifting on the track/strip.

The shifter alone will not solve possible shift gate deflection issues caused by the torque of the engine under WOT shifting. There are beefier engine mounts and kits available to reinforce the drive train, saw a kit from CHE Performance on another forum, requires using their own K member. So whether you have a 'good' MT-82, rev your Roadrunner to redline , and power shift like no tomorrow, there are enough variables in the equation that there's sure to be someone that things just don't align right and the MGW offers no perceptible upgrade or improvement over stock, or even another after market shifter.
I understand many Boss owners have installed the MGW shifter and are crazy in love with it. FYI - I have the Steeda Tri-ax shifter and Steeda shifter bracket with the black bushing, and I am super pleased with it. No more missing 3rd gear, ever!

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