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MGW self-install. I did it.

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I installed my MGW shifter tonight with help from my neighbor. Take note that my neighbor is retired, walks with a cane and can't really bend over but he is very handy and knows how to do everything. It has been a long time since I have done any automotive projects in my garage so having help from a handy person was a bonus. Still, it's a reasonably simple install that almost anybody could do with simple hand tools.

We broke the shifter ball free a couple days ago just to make sure that that didn't hold up the install. I did all the under car work and my neighbor sat in the passenger seat and performed all the interior tasks. I wish I had jacked the car up higher because I was lying on the floor underneath and the exhaust was right against my chest. It didn't leave much elbow room but I managed to accomplish all the tasks. It just took more time than if I had given myself more space. We spent more time fitting the shift boot to seal than any other individual part of the project. I watched the install video twice. My neighbor watched it once. It was such a good video that we did not need to review it again after that and I think we got everything right. I just took an hour long drive around town. It is a great upgrade.
Congratulations! Enjoy the new confidence and satisfaction of doing the work yourself. I just did my FR/Barton a couple of weeks ago and had the same tight squeeze under the car. I swore a lot, but I got it done. Unfortunately, I didn't have a helper, so I had to do janky stuff like this to get the job done:


Anyway, by all accounts, you are going to really enjoy that MGW. Cheers!
The day after my install, I took the Boss on a 500 mile round trip to Toronto and back. Love the shifter and no issues regarding the install on the drive. It's a good feeling to know that even a hack like me can install mods to the car. I will have to get under the car again but I will leave more room next time. I want to take out the exhaust discs and stiffen the tranny mount.
I did mine myself. It was a real fiddly install. Up top, down below, up top.... But I love the shifter and its good to know how your shiznit works! My challenger hurst shifter was way easier btw.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
if you want to add a degree of difficulty to it, do the install as soon as you park the car driving home from work lol.

but great job I too found the rubber boot the hardest thing to get installed.

I have had mine for over a year now with about 16K miles on it. it does get better with age as said above :)

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