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Michelin Road Atlanta - Chin Track Days

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See some TA2 regulars on that list as well. Check six!
Yeah, I was watching their more recent races on YouTube today. My 13-yo son is pretty excited to to see real racers. Of course he doesn't realize that they are pretty much always around. Last time at VIR I had Randy Pobst behind me in the Flying Moose. But anything I can do to get him excited in the sport, the better. I've got him assigned as my tire guy. I bought him a pyrometer and digital depth gauge. The depth gauge was the best $17 ever spent. He thought it was so cool. I need to get him a "Mini-Blacksheep" cap. 😄

So if no one from TMO is going to be there, that means that (per our other thread this week) that I should try to introduce them to TMO. As long as they don't think I'm a dorky noob. I might be bad press.
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Its great you are getting your kid involved! Mine started about 5 or 6. i got pictures of him sitting in my lap with a grinder and safety glasses on. He called himself my crew chief. He surprised a friend of mine at VIR once. He was looking for someone to help bleed brakes, I told him my son could do it. He gave me one of those looks. got back from going out with a student and he said my son did an awesome job.

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