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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
That's understandable. I spun my old car into a tire wall on one of our local tracks a few years back, I was scared of that turn for about a year afterwards. Now I just treat it with more respect :)

At least you did take it back out after those guys worked on the car until 1am!
smittytx said:
Yeah, I've had my misfortunes at the same corner but little different circumstances. Mickey Remen (finished 3rd in AI at nationals this year) spun sideways on the same corner. When I can over the hill, there was no place to go and I T-boned him. Totaled out my '93 Mustang AI car and broke my left foot when the wheel jammed back into my foot well. Ouch!

Just glad to see you were OK and the car is fixable. 8)

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Going over that rise entering Thunder Valley is really a tricky section as teh car gets so light. I probably have around 600 miles at Mid Ohio from two sessions I had years ago, and that is probably the toughest part of the track in my estimation. Never had that happen to me , but always knew I was just a whisker away from it if the car didn't come down right.

Know a bunch of folks who got eaten by that corner/section, and applaud you for getting back on the Pony and running again.

Good video and now that the car is no longer perfect you will likely go back to other tracks even bolder --- heh, she ain't perfect anymore, but she is a race car and now she has some battle scars. Get her fixed and get back out there, buddy!

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