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Minor scratch marks

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I'm getting minor scratch marks and not sure where from. My car has always been hand washed using a cotton wash mitt and dried with an artificial chamois. The car is never dirty enough to worry about a grit guard in the bucket. Is it the chamois? I wash them all the time.

What is my best method to get rid of them? I haven't done any of the high dollar wax systems yet. I'm about to take the Zaino or Adams plunge.
Microfiber wash mit and towels are your friend. Get a grit guard anyway.
The chamois is definitely not helping. If you can, get a blower and only use a microfiber to get what the blower missed. If you can't do a blower, a waffle weave drying towel with QD applied while the car is still wet get the job done. I would also only wash with a lambs wool or a microfiber wash mitt. You should also always use a grit guard and the 2 bucket system. Even if you use the correct methods, eventually you will have to do some correction work. If it's not too bad, a one step correction will work. Quality products are the key to all of this.


I'd agree with others to change your wash products.
2 grit guards are worth it, and those 2 buckets never get used for anything else.
I use a sea sponge to wash, and Autogeek waffle weave microfiber for drying. Next summer I'll try an electric leaf blower.
I've had the Boss since July '11, and you'd be hard pressed to find a mark on it from washing. The front end, on the other hand, has plenty of rock chips from the road and track days (no clear bra).
Got my Adams kit a couple of days ago and excited to get started. First I need to find a porter cable 7424......


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
A word of warning about the Porter Cable. You must must MUST make sure that you thoroughly clean your pads after each use. All it takes is one time using an unclean pad, (mistake #1) and then not checking each panel before moving onto the next one, (mistake #2) to swirl up your entire car (like I did), sigh. It is 'minor' swirling, and I was planning on having a professional detail done next spring anyway, so I didn't get too upset about it.

However, lesson learned and I won't make those same 2 mistakes again. I won't be cheap either and will be buying new pads and looking into the best cleaning solution to clean the pads. I got a 4 pad kit from Adams that had the PC attachment, they are great products, as well as their waffle weave towel.

I got my PC on sale from Amazon, seems to be best place to buy one.

When done properly however, the results are amazing.

A detailer friend showed me how he does it. Soft Sponge for washing, they dont hold grit like a cloth. Rince and use a california water blade to remove excess water, then towel dry with a soft cotton towel. I have zero scratches.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I always use a grit guard no matter how dirty. the two bucket method is the best option. if you are using an absorber throw it away it will just drag the dirt that may be left behind all over your paint. I use griots garage drying towels and filter warm air blower to dry my car with. before I use them I do the "pooling method" to minimize the amount of water I need to remove.

No matter what you use it will eventually get minor scratches in time.

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