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motor issues

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Hey guys my 2012 motor is losing oil?not leaving any on the ground or blue smoke coming out of rear on any start up, driving fast or slow.story is engine light came on took it to the dealer it was 3quarts low anand d oil was change 1900 miles ago or past .so they fill it up put dye in it told me to drive it 1000a miles and come in and get it checked I went away told my son to drive it to put miles on it when I came back he put about 1300over on it took it to the dealer and they said 1000engine no more or less so they gave me an oil change and come back in a 1000 mileswhile I was waiting a tech pulled me aside and said they think it the rings so if it comes back low they will put new engine in it So million dollar question is do I let them and mess up matching number car or have them rebuild it or try and get new boss mine is a 12open with 15000a thanks in advance


Kerry, San Diego
Don't know how Ford handles it, but when Porsche replaces a defective engine, their database is updated to reflect that the replacement engine is the "numbers matching powerplant".

A little kinky in my opinion but I guess it works?
I thought our cars didn't have engine serial numbers matching with the VIN? Regardless it will be properly documented and won't matter.
If a motor is replaced under warranty and documented, I think it's fine, especially if you have documentation.

I had a '65 Shelby GT350 from '88-'99, and its original motor had expired within a few months of purchase by the original owner and had been replaced under warranty. I was fortunate to have some of the original documentation on the car, including a copy of the invoice from Shelby American to the dealer, which happened to be Tousley Ford, for the warranty replacement Hi-Po 289, as well as tracking down the original owner (I was the 5th owner) who verified that the original motor "let go" on him during a road trip and was replaced under warranty by SA.

When I sold my GT350 in '99 having that documentation was very important to the buyer in documenting the history of the car and its originality.
Thanks for input I'm just thinking long term with either resale value or passing down to my son,and tech and sales rep told me they do have bathing numbers to ford registery so car can be documented.
gammadan said:
how much did you get for the gt 350. my dad has owned his since 1984

Paid $14K for it in 1988, sold it in 1999 for $50K. They're obviously worth A LOT more nowadays... the last '65 I've seen come up for sale (and they rarely do) went for around $275K.

It is the one car I've had that I regret selling. It was my DD for the first 5 years or so I owned it. Fantastic car. <Sigh>... Tell your dad to hang on to his!

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