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MSN article that list the Boss 302 as a potential collectible

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It's not ground breaking reporting but it can't be bad seeing these types of articles out there.

I know the cars are built to drive but it would be nice for a change to buy a a 50k car that doesn't depreciate down to $15k in 5 years.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
We can cross our fingers, but I wouldn't hold your breath. If I still have the car in 30 years (I hope!) and it's worth what a new Mustang is going for, I'll be happy.
Is Ford planning on a two year production run on the Boss 302, 2012 & 2013. (Like they did in 69 & 70)
Yes, 2013 will have the hockey stripe instead of the c stripe...different color changes...some changes to the exterior look & a more tech dash. Drive train more or less the same. Some people are already considering trading up....NOT ME!
2013 is the last production year, correct?

If that's the case as good of a job as Ford did on these cars, I don't think it's going to be a stretch for these cars to maintain their values. Even if they are driven. As long as they are maintained.
I told my sons to get their own. I'm driving my Bosses and I could care less about collectible. I am enjoying every minute.
I plan to keep mine in top shape until I can't safely drive anymore. I should be able to blast around happily for at least another 20 years. My daughter has dibs on it when the old man is put out to pasture. I've got no doubt it will be a very desirable car to own in the 2030s. But, I don't think anyone will get rich on them.


I don't think it takes an news article or a rocket scientest to figure these cars will hold value. Look back at other cars that are no where near as special as these and values are holding. I'm not sure if the 2012 will meet the 3500 or so build numbers, maybe, and for 2013..........who knows. I remember ready that Ford said they were going to stay true to what they did for the 69, 70 model years. Anyone that has paid/paying for their Boss has earned the right to do with as they please. Drive it, race it, dog it, pamper it, change it, mothball have to please one person, yourself. I plan on pleasure driving mine, showing it, but staying orignal as much as possible. It's my opinion that they will carry value one day........I may be dead (LOL) when it happens but my daughter can enjoy the +value. Just think how many 69 & 70 Boss's have been found through the years and who ever finds them says "wow this one was put up wet"...... Again this is just opinion, so hopefully no one takes offense. Enjoy your cars the way you want! I have that gut feeling though we all have a valuable car.

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