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MT82 Trans Problems - Ford's Response

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Official response to NHSTA concerns
Well at least Ford is listening to it's customers.
Thanks for posting. The response was timely and seems well addressed. I'm glad Ford got right on it. If I have any issues, I'll plan on addressing under warranty provisions.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
At least there is a response to the issues. "Only 3%" is laughable though--that's pretty high in engineering terms--30,000 defects per million! If they have a Six Sigma guy working on this project, he is probably sweating. An acceptable engineering failure rate would be more like 0.03% or 0.003%.

That being said--my transmission works great! ;D
What does this mean Corrective action was taken What action? On my car it is very hard to shift into fifth at high RPM and has gotten to the point of having to jam it in almost every time.

5th Gear Problems:
Some of the customer feedback received by Ford alleged “grinding into gear” or “notchiness” during shifting not caused by the previous problems. Ford investigations identified some component quality issues relating to the synchronizers for fifth gear.
Corrective action was taken

Just sent an email to my service dept.

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