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Mufflers leaking

I started my 2012 Boss today for the 3rd time in the last 10 days to find that both mufflers are leaking water from the front lower seam( the side closest to the front of car) It was quite a bit of water and the first two times there were no leaks. The car has 4500 miles and has been sitting under cover in a somewhat heated garage all winter. No rain, sleet, snow, or salt, anyone have any similar experience?
This spot has no clamps. Perhaps i did not describe the spot accurately. Its on the widest part of the muffler what I would call the body at the intersect of the horizontal and vertical. And it is the exact same spot on both. It seems like there is a rust spot where it is leaking.

Grant 302

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I see. My understanding is that the Boss muffler cans don't have a weep hole like the GT500s. Some have put a hole near either the front or rear of the can at the bottom to help the condensation weep.
Pitt302 said:
My stock Muffler have weep holes and I often find puddles on the floor.Its condensation nothing to worry about.
Yes it appears that's what it is I just never noticed the holes before. I guess I had no reason to since this was the first time they leaked.

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