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Must be luckiest man alive!!

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So my father own a 1967 427 corvette completely restored. We have a lift in our garage so I park under it, kinda risky but the lift has drip pans. Anyway long story short my father took his 67 for spin and decide to fill up his tank. He filled it up alittle bit to much this time and in New Jersey we had a couple hot days so the gas over filled and went out his drip line right down to my boss luckly it dripped down my windshield to the plastic resorvare. Thank god it didn't touch any of my paint and that I love zaino just in case :) but only my plastic was warped a little bit but that's ok it comes right of and can be replaced, I just feel extra lucky that I still have paint lol...
Hah, that's not that bad. By the thread title I thought it would be something like your dad's car crushing yours from the lift failing when you got out of the car 20 seconds earlier lol. That would be lucky.
Lol funny thing is the lift weight limit, his car just makes it lol and ya def a very big fire since we live by raceway park and he put race fuel in it from there lol

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