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Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration, Las Vegas

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Is anybody planning on going to the Mustang 50th Birthday celebration in Las Vegas, April 16-20, 2014? There'll be open track on the outside course of the speedway every day along with daily festivities.

I'm thinking of doing the track day on Friday...
Yes, I already have reservations at the Mandalay Bay for the 16th through the 19th and also plan on doing the track day on Friday. I was going to start a thread on this anyway so I'll make this a sticky. I'm sure there will be group caravans from SoCal, NorCal and other parts of the country. It should be a blast.

Fat Boss also has reservations at the Mandalay Bay and I believe he's going to do the track day as well.
I plan to attend the 50th, staying at New York New York from the 16th through the 21st. However, flying out and enjoying all the events without the car.

Maybe have a chance to meet fellow BMO members during the celebration. Can't wait!


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Registered and looking forward to attending the gathering in Vegas. There's also a nice 50th birthday registry commemorative book being put together for the shindig. Love to get out on the track with the car but have yet to commit to it.


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There are two parties for the 50th, Charlotte, NC same time, should we start another section or modify this one? East coast versus West coast?

I am already registered for the 3 track days and show at Charlotte with a garage space. Hope all east of the Mississippi can join, gonna be a big Mustang party.


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I, unfortunately, won't know my schedule until sometime maybe in late March. I'm crossing my fingers for no class on Fridays again so maybe I can drive out there late on Thursday. I'm told it's only about an 8 hour drive, which isn't horrible but depending on when class gets out, might be pretty painful. There are a few other 'minor' logistical hurdles, like the family/dog/we're moving 2 weeks earlier (same area, new house), etc. But it's the 50th. I hope I'm around for the 100th but I'd be 79, so no guarantee.
Doing Vegas, staying at Mandalay Bay (host). Don't expect to do track event, just wanna hangout, gamble, drink and of course look at the Mustangs, will be bringing the Boss. Don't know the parking details, would hope cars would be grouped, guess will see.
I'm signed up for the event and a track day on Friday April 18th. Anyone else doing a track day beside Ron and Andy?

I haven't signed up yet, but I'm 90% sure that I'll be doing the track day on Friday.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
So I'm seeing the Mandalay and the MGM for where people are staying. Where else as I'm thinking about just flying out and grabbing a rental but I'd like to be closer to the 'action' if you will.


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I am curious as well about what other places to sleep for the night are viable options. This will be my first trip to the Lost Wages town in Nevada. Will be making the drive clear from Illinois in my Boss with my entourage hailing from England close in tow.

I apologize for odd wording and what not. It is 02:32 and working nights sucks.
steveespo said:
I am already registered for the 3 track days and show at Charlotte with a garage space. Hope all east of the Mississippi can join, gonna be a big Mustang party.
Finally getting some calendar dates open.
I'm in for the party in Charlotte.
I'll put the wife to work on getting some reservations.
Driving (or trailering?) down from Mass if anyone else is leaving from the Northeast.
Does anyone know if the open track is sold out? I just got around to registering and didn't see any way to pay for it. I did sign up for the MCA event and I'm waiting to sign up for the Shelby Bash when it's open for registration.

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