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Mustang Alley - Woodward Dream Cruise 2014

Registration is open -

I already signed up

dates are August 14-16

not much other info out there yet what is happening but with it being the 50th year, I would expect big things

who else is interested?
I will be going. I'm signed up for mustang alley. Also will be going to the Mustang memories show at the HQ building on Sunday.
There is an open house at MRT on Friday and Roush has an open house that day too.

I am planning to stay for the mustang memories show now too since they just announced it
lots of 12-13 boss 302's signed up already
I am planning on attending this event.

I registered, have a hotel booked for the week, have college friends in the area and in the midst of joining MOCSEM ( I am a member of the Valley Forge Mustang Club and hope I have no issues with jointing MOCSEM as well. They will be having a tour of the Ford Flat Rock Plant, Roush Racing, Watson Racing, a private collection tour and various other cruises and surprises.

I am very excited so far about the ease of my planning. :)
look whose car is on the dash plaque
Get in line for mustang alley as in early, real early, this being the 50th anniversary it's going to be hard getting in the main area on 9 mile if you don't.
as far as the Dream cruise, I've found from previous years attending, the night before for cruising is the best, then park around 12 mile road and watch.
there use to be a shuttle to take you up and down Woodward so after you parked you could get to the other areas without trying to drive in a traffic jam. I've walked from 9 mile up to 12 mile then back against the traffic flow, that's the best way to see the car cruise.
Went last year for the first time, had great time...they had a tour of Watson, and parade into the test grounds. This year should be better, I can't make it. To get into this event you have skip a year.
How about this plan: get to the Alley early. Park and hang out and walk around alittle. Then take a couple hours after lunch to cruise woodward before leaving for home.
All sounds good , but on the day of the cruise it can take a long time to move a short distance. I spent an hour and moved 1 mile a few years ago on a motorcycle. It was miserable on that oven.

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Fred G

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Propilot said:
Glad you noticed.

Hey Pro Pilot,
James, nice meeting you at the plant tour on Thurs. We had a great time at Mustang Alley and then the Mustang Memories Show on Sunday. I was most impressed, however, at the test track event on Friday (where, btw, your car looked as impressive as ever) and how those Bosses were flogged, hour after hour on the hot lap circuit. I also was lucky enough to meet and talk to one of the driveline engineers about the sticking clutch pedal issue, which I'll post elsewhere on the forum. Again, your car is awesome, as was the weekend.

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