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Mustang going global!

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Check out: " Next Ford Mustang going global"-
Jza1736 said:
Check out: " Next Ford Mustang going global"-

Not really any new news. This has been assumed for some time. If you look at the how the entire line up has the look of the GT500 then take a look at the Evos concept picture...humm...maybe just enough styling cues to make a transition?
I have not seen any spy shots or anything for the 2014, but I'm sure it will be nice in a euro sort of way. They are claiming 300 lbs less but equal hp, but that is just rumors. If it is a 2014, then the rumors of a 50th anniversary version of the current car with Boss handling and more power won't happen. Or the Boss 351 drag car I was trying to will to happen though there were no rumors that I know of ;D
I just hope that Ford doesn't turn the Mustang into something that nobody wants. A big part of the Mustang's popularity around the world has been due to the fact that is it different from everything else. I don't care for the imports and will probably not want a Eurostang.
Well this makes me extra happy I got the last of the Big, Bad American Mustangs. I'm from Europe myself (Netherlands) and if I would have wanted an Euro-car I would have gotten a BMW 3 series or something.

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