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I don't see how this is going to work. Checking times on the back straight at Mid O ( I forget the section) and even allowing for the TCR cars' better run off the corners, we're were about 27th out of 30plus GS cars, which means about 8 TCR cars were faster than us down that straight. On top of that, the winning Aston Martin ran about 11 laps farther than we could run on fuel.
Hardly feels like racing.

Bill Pemberton

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Ford Motorsports needs to be hammering hard on this, since it often seems nothing is done until a Manufacturer screams, threatens, etc. Over the years one could see who had the power brokers among Manufacturers as those folks often got the breaks. I would expect Ford to be making a case very soon and pressure should be at the max !!


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Aston Martin must have had the Smokey Yunick fuel line. I'd buy they could be saving fuel the entire stint, but I can't buy they can save that much fuel and also run those lap times. Fuel runs are 55-60 minutes, and they do 75 minutes on a tank?

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