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Mustang Specialist, SF Bay Area

Hello everyone.

I am most interested in a competent Mustang/high performance vehicle shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would prefer one that can be reached relatively easily by phone or email, and returns messages. Of course that is secondary to Mustang expertise. I live in Livermore but distance, within reasonable limits, is possible. I have to confess my three-year quest for a Boss had to be somewhat compromised. I have a 2004 SVT Cobra that needs some attention, and I am the very first to admit I am no do-it-yourselfer.

Thanks everyone...

Borelli Motorsports merged with TPS and they are very capable Mustang folks.

If you want some real tender loving care I know a guy who's a MASTER at all things Mustang and does some work on the side. What are you looking to have done?
Thanks very much. Shingle Springs is quite a way up in the foothills past Sacramento.. It's about 120 miles or so.

I have had several conversations with Jack Schroll, and yes,he is awesome. He's had the car for a day and was unable to diagnose my issues, but wants to keep trying. I do have to utilize public transit which is quite OK...BUT it is hard to reach him and he is pretty overwhelmed with emails and phone messages.

Problems keep mounting. Cowl shake is pronounced, so I added a strut tower brace to the subframe connectors already there. Shakes plus new disturbing sounds resulted. Worse, I took a major hit from a truck tire tread which did some serious body damage. The shop found no mechanical damage, but upon retrieving it I felt like there were more noises and a general imprecise feel to the front end. To top it. Off, I then discovered two rather size able puddles of oil and that my "check engine "light was lit.

I have been to Borelli and the shop is amazing. Lots of Mustang race fab and prep going on, plus the other road car business. The distance isn't awful....however I was referred to a shop very close by at which I will stop and chat on Wednesday.

So thank you all for recommendations, they are worth consideration.

Other than that,I am still having the time of my life looking at the car as it sits in my garage.......


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