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Mustang Tremec TR-3160 Trans Upgrade?


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Sorry to bring this back, but I am curious if the Magnum is ultimately the better choice for mixed street/track work in the S197 or if new solutions are possible with the 3160 trans? I don’t mind addressing a few weaknesses in the 3160 for a lighter option but also don’t want to waste time if others with more experience/knowledge have already found that it’s not worth the hassle.
Not sure but the 3160 worked well in the GT350 and FP is using it in the 350S. One nice feature is the built-in oil pump.
I've not done the swap and don't have a 3160 on hand but something to consider is that the pilot bearing in a GT350 is in the flywheel not the crankshaft. I would assume from this that the input shaft of the 3160 as used in the GT350 is too short to use in the Coyote unless the GT350 clutch and flywheel are used as well.
Trying to do this swap tomorrow. Theres zero info on it online except this thread! Swapping into a 2016 5.0.

From what I see after speaking to ford, spec and mcleod engineers I have to use a gt350 clutch kit because of the spline and pilot bearing. Shop and Pufferfish here mention to use spec although not sure how the spec differs from Mcleod which is what I was going for.

Other issue is ford uses TWO different clutch lines for GT & GT350. The GT350 has a metal hard right angle fitting on the trans (I assume for clearance as the bellhousing is different). No aftermarket 5.0 line will work on tr3160 for that reason and there isnt one AF line made for gt350 oddly?? So Im hoping the gt350 line matches up after install or that is going to really suck.

Also using a gt350 driveshaft as that should work for s550.

Lastly shop says I need to tune for gear ratios as the gt350 is a higher reving engine.
Still in the process.. apparently GT350 flywheel bolts and bellhousing bolts are required.. backordered at ford of course... my stock clutch actually shattered and slave fell apart.. hoping the gt350 oem is a better bet....
Finally driving on this trans. Feels great, needed a custom driveshaft or piece the both together and gt350 flywheel bolts. Only issue im having is a total power loss in 4th gear 2k-3k rpms. Tried using a mcleod rxt clutch but it didnt fit according to shop. They said input shaft was too long for it. Hoping a tune corrects my power loss issue.


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Arizona, USA
@Nghtshd88 did the shop do the Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction after installing everything? If not, you will get random limp modes.
Regarding clutch line etc, probably not too difficult to get a factory one and cut the ends off it then flare the connections and make your own.
Yup, that's one of my favorite reasons for having a SCT x4 .... Crank relearn!! Always do one with any tranny work

I did crank relearn. After much research it seems the issue is the speed sensor reading is off and needs to be calibrated to match the mt82. Think a speedo box will be needed to correct this because as far as I know you can only edit rear end gear ratios in the BCM which is no help. I believe s197 reads off of ABS. There are some options for the magnum trans as it is much more common obviously. So as long as you are doing this in a s550 like me you are screwed unless you can change the speed sensor signals. Trying to see if I can get a dakota digital box programmed for me. This looks to be the only way..
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I know this is an old thread, but I am genuinely curious if you ever resolved the speed sensor issue with this transmission.
(what a first post lol)


400lb Gorilla
Denver, CO
The ratios in 6060 can be longer (depends upon those chosen), but the transmission has proven itself to be a much better/stronger unit overall. The Boss 302S utilized the ratios found in the '08-'13 Corvette

While the GT350 and 350S utilizes

To me, the ratios for the 3160 are impractical for most things but street driving or autocross unless you alter the rear end ratio. If you go the extra length of adding more power, like most, then the ratios become even more cumbersome in the 3160. I will say this though, the 3160 does shift very smoothly with the revised internals, but those can be matched in a modded T-56

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