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Mustangs By The Bay-San Diego, Oct. 7th, 2012

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Kerry, San Diego
I am planning on at least visiting the event and may possibly display #1804. The organizer says they currently have 7-2012-2013 Boss's registered. Anyone who posts here displaying?

The event is limited to 350 cars and they are parked bayfront on the grass-great location! :)


I will see If i can get my son over there (maybe me too as I am flying in from Midwest the day before)
He has a silver Metallic 04 SVT Cobra


Kerry, San Diego
bump, event is this Sunday and conditions should be ideal with a temp of 73 degrees.

As of September 26th, more then 300 vehicles had been registered.
Bay Area
The show was good. Some guys need to learn a little more about their cars before they start talkign though. LOL I got to see a lot of nice old and new mustangs. It was great to see an original 65 Cobra.


Kerry, San Diego
I was only able to stay for about 1/2 hour but was impressed with the large turnout of cars.

I enjoyed seeing the specialty Mustangs including those whose doors opened like those of a Lamborghini.

I saw a half dozen or so new gen Boss 302 vehicles. Wish I had more time to look at the first gen Mustangs-there were a lot of nice ones on display.

One car that caught my eye was a grayish/brown colored Boss 429. The motor was absolutely stuffed into the engine compartment.

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