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My 1 of 1 2013 BOSS 302 LS

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This is my 1 of 1, 2013, Sterling Gray, Boss 302 Leguna Seca. This car was built specifically by Ford and was donated to the MS Society to be raffled off at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise. I was the winner. The car has spent most of it's short life appearing at MS Society functions and numerous local Detroit car shows. If you see me out there, stop by for a chat. I'd love to show and tell you about this unique car's story.


To me that is the perfect Boss. You're a lucky dog, though I'm sure there is a lot of pressure and social responsibility associated with owning it (for now at least). I was going to buy a ticket but with my luck if only two tickets were sold I would still lose. Enjoy!
I was standing next to your car when they pulled the winning ticket. It is truly a beautiful car, with Woodward M1 on the seats and faux gas cap. Maybe when the weather gets warm again I could meet you to see it. I'd be interested in hearing your journey of winning and picking it up at Ford world headquarters. I had bought 10 tickets at 4 different locations and my first purchase was 16 numbers away. It was meant for you to win so enjoy!
Nice. Enjoy that car. I hope I get to see it sometime. I donate annually to the MS society. My brother has the terible disease so I'm really glad ford did this.
The color is awesome but the paint job on this car is incredible. Glad to hear that the car ended up with a Boss fan and hasn't gone straight to the auction block. Enjoy this gem.

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