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My 2013 Boss GHIG

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Just wanted to say hello, and post a picture of my car, 2013 Boss #893, Forge line wheels, Eibach lowing kit, Magnaflow exhaust, JLT CAI, and Lund tune.



Like I've said before those wheels look awesome on your car. Glad you finally migrated here. ;D
Like I've said before those wheels look awesome on your car. Glad you finally migrated here. ;D

Thanks, I've been lurking in here for a while, it's a great forum, I actually like this forum a little better then SVTP.


Very sweet. Nice set of initial mods. Killer exhaust and I wondered if that would fit on the boss with the GT500 valance myself recently. Looks great.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
Honestly, putting the '13 GT500 valence on the car is probably the single best appearance modification one can do to the Boss because you'll put the quad tips on there. It looks so good. I used to think aftermarket quad tips looked horrible on Mustangs but not anymore. This is one '12 owner who is very jealous of that setup.
LindsayEOD said:
Once again GR8TOZ, it looks amazing. Are you getting any drone with the Magnaflows?

Thanks , I haven't notice any drone, but I have yet to take it down the highway, I haven't put 5 miles on the new exhaust, but I plan on putting some mileage on it in next couple of days so I will update about any drone. I also removed cats at the same time I did mufflers.

snake40 said:
One of the best looking boss Mustangs I've seen

AZBoss302 said:
Car looks great. Can you please post the info on your wheels (size/offset purchased from?)....

Thanks, wheels are 19x9 with 255/40/19 front, 19x11 with 295/35/19 rear. Straight from Forgeline, sorry I don't know off set.
drano38 said:
Great looking Boss!


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