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My alignment specs


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I think you'll be very happy with how she handles with those specs. I settled on -2.4 on the camber running street tires. I adjust to -3.0 when running slicks on the track. Those are just my personal preferences.

cosm3os said:
I didn't tell them to touch the rear cause I didn't think anything was adjustable back there.

You may want to have them check the rear. Mine was off about an 1/8. Went to new control arms to correct the problem. I also run about 1/16 toe out just my preference for a little go cart feel.


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cosm3os said:
I didn't tell them to touch the rear cause I didn't think anything was adjustable back there.

I concur...unless you've got adjustable arms, nothing can be done. Unless you want them to take a blowtorch to your axle tubes, lol


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You need to verify that they lifted BOTH front wheels off of the alignment turn plates when making adjustments to the plates. Otherwise the preload from the sway bar will cause false readings. Also check to see if they knew they could adjust the caster, maybe he thought only the camber was adjustable with the plates. 7 degrees is what you are shooting for.
On second thought, I cant swear they didn't lift the wheels off the ground. I was busy talking to the owner. They used to do all of Fall Line's alignments before FL went big time, and they came highly recommended by a local tuner shop I trust. I"ll redo it every year anyways.
Went back after getting my panhard properly installed. Had them bump the camber down top 1.8, and up the caster to 6.9 (and equal on both sides). I also sat in the car this time. Much happier with the final product on the street.

I've only put a few hundred miles on it so can't say about the tire wear. I have dedicated track rubber, but when it was all stock it wore very well.

Went with Strano's kit--steeda sports, koni yellows, bars and steeda panhard along with MM plates which the alignment shop loved.
No, just from reading around and talking to folks who set these cars up, seemed reasonable to err on the side of less. Won't be doing nearly the amount of track days I had planned either.

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I'd say that approach makes a lot of sense with tires that are both street and track with a heavy balance of street miles. Are you going to adjust the CC plates for the track or just leave it? What are your track tires?
I'm planning to leave it alone. My track tires this year are 285 Conti GT-O slicks. I had 285 R6s last year on a totally stock car and got very good wear on them.

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