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My Boss has shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Finally! I hope it arrives early. 8)
Thanks guys! ;) Dealer didn't think it would make the 3/19 ETA, but should beat the brake cooling kit 4/1. Just a little more anxious now! At least now that it's moving, tracking it should be a little clearer.
Boss2X said:
Now you need to start tracking the Railcar.
You got it. Supposedly it's easier than tracking it through Ford, but we shall see. As of this morning it's still showing just a railcar number "In Transit" same as yesterday. There are more cars showing on railcars though so looks like the floodgates are open.
Boss2X said:
Now you need to start tracking the Railcar.
Here's the number for tracking: 800-235-2352 It's an automated phone system. You just speak the prompts.

I just tried it and it said that car was pulled from customer location Flat Rock, MI on March 11 12:29 a.m. and no ETA available.

At least it looks like it left the yard in the middle of the night. Hope it's moving over the weekend.
Hi everyone,
I have been checking out the forum for a while but just had time today to register. I have a comp orange with recaros on order that has already been built. I was wondering if one of you could try and help me find out some more of the perticulars on if it has been shipped or not? The best info I could get was that Ford and the dealer I am buying it through show and ETA of 28 March. I am including my VIN so hopefully one of you can get me a little more definite info. My car is going to a dealer that is 1100 miles away from me so it would be nice to be able to make plans atleast a couple days ahead of time to get out there. Congrats to everyone else on here that has a car on the way!

VIN 1ZVBP8CU0C5202469
Welcome to BMO Chris and congratulations on your car! Your dealer should be able to give you information. The first thing you need is your Build Day. Many ETAs have been pushed back due to parts shortages. Now that cars are shipping, it's typically 2-3 weeks from your build day to arriving at your dealer assuming it isn't held for QC. Your dealer can see all this information on the Vehicle Visibility system. Once you have a railcar number, you can track it by calling an 800 number:


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA

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