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My Boss Video

Hi everyone :)

My buddy made this video awhile ago with my 2013 Boss. The girl in the video is Wendy Sigala my friends wife. It was filmed in San Diego.

Let me know what you guys think.



One of the rare Boss LS in Switzerland
cool location!! i was there at the Mustang Club of San Diego Meeting last Fall.

Your Boss look very good. (especially with Wendy ;-) )

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
Yes, a Rev or two would have been nice, but all in all? It's a great Boss 302 video! It's also really nice to have something like this memorialize your Boss ownership experience.

Very nice, IMO.
302 HP
Nice video / Hot Boss. 8)
What can I say...I'm a car guy
Have to agree with others on the Music.
I really did like the way you did your strut brace.
With all the CF parts and wheels, your car screams look at me all by itself.
Thanks for sharing.


Papa Smurf
Thanks for sharing - cool video. Still sort of wish the potential job I was looking at in San Diego played out. Probably would have resulted in even more money spent on the car though with that awful sunny weather year round ;)
Basically everything in that video is perfect - you win ! Don't need the revs, those of us "in the know" already know what this best Mustang EVER made sounds like

Thanks !

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