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My experience and discussion on Poly Urethane bushings for rear end

After getting sick and tired of having to disassemble the rear suspension every winter to re-lube the poly bushings due to the horrid squeaking, No matter what lube I used it always dried up. Tried drilling and installing zerk fittings and it never lubed everything properly but would squeeze the bushings out slightly. I installed the stock upper and lower trailing arms. Man oh man what a difference in ride and even stability in the rear on the street. I have a rod end panhard bar so it keeps things lined up back there but didn't realize how jarring the ride was from the bushings. The poly was almost adding a very stiff shock effect I guess due to the stiction when rotating. Best case scenario would be to rod end the whole rear end but since this is a 80% street car I will probably hold off on that. I'm debating changing the front control arm front bushing back to a rubber stock type but keeping the rear hydro bushing as poly because the stock one is just way too soft. Just wanted to see what everyone else's experience was with the poly and different bushing types.
Depends which links or components.
Very interesting reads. Thanks for the info. I was looking into the Roush 3rd link but I can't seem to find the 2014 version anywhere and didn't think the earlier version was compatible. I thought they used a bigger bolt for the front fastener of the bracket in the 2011 plus cars. Anyways I have the steeda spherical bearing in the diff and the OEM arm now, wonder if I should get the oem bushing for the axle side...
This was discussed recently on Billy Johnson's project s197 he's doing for motoiq. Go to post 30:

This was discussed recently on Billy Johnson's project s197 he's doing for motoiq. Go to post 30:

Yeah thanks there is some awesome info in there, I just couldn't believe what a difference it was going back to the stock stuff. Just goes to show that aftermarket isn't always better or what seems to be an upgrade can hurt performance.

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