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Nameplate Fonts


TMO Race
Medina, TN
I bought some blank intake manifold name plates for my Boss off of ebay a while back and finally got around to marking them. I am trying to match the font that Ford chose and who would have thought there are 100's of different type of fonts to chose from. Ford chose non-standard fonts. This is the closest match I could come up with. The bottom image is the real deal and the top image is the font/size that I found. I have not laser etched them yet so the color should match better as the top plate is showing white letters/numbers.


Lee Sorrell

TMO Intermediate
Just pointing it out, the top image VIN number is missing a letter (p). Not talking trash, would hate for you to have it etched without it...

I think the font is a great match, it would fool my untrained eye.

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