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NASA HDPE Event Weekend Warrior Tires and Wheels Setup

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3-5 Years
Thanks! Going to go with ARP studs and open ended lug nuts. Do I need x20 extended studs for all wheels or just x10 for the front wheels?

Edit: I updated my post and went with the studs, censors, and lug nuts from AM. I will have all of this professionally installed, so I didn't get the stud installer, but I did look it up and now know what it is and how it works. :) Thanks!
Just the x10 for the fronts.

You will love it, these cars drive so much better with 305s all around.
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Under 3 Years
Scottsdale, AZ
I know it’s been awhile! Just wanted to post back here with some updates on the car and my experiences on the track. I had to wait many months for vorshlag plates to be delivered which was really unfortunate but worth the wait. I’m now at 2.83 camber in the front and after 3 full track days, I still have tread on the tires! That’s already a massive improvement over burning up my other tires in one weekend. The car handles so much better around turns, less slip, and faster times. Although, it’s been interesting getting used to the slipping point as my old street tires would sing quite a bit more than the Supercar 3s but it didn’t take me too long to adjust.




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