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Need a little suspension advice

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Bay Area
Hey guys - I am hoping one you suspension gurus can help me pinpoint a problem.

I just installed a set of ground control coil overs and have the front lowers at 26.75 inches from the ground to the center of the top of the fender. The rear is 27.75 inches from the ground to the center of the top of the fender. After I got everything installed I noticed a squeaking on the right side I can’t pinpoint front or rear right now. Its intermittent. I pulled the wheels off on both the front & rear and checked to ensure everything was tight and set properly and it is. Has anyone else had this type of problem? The car is aligned and the other mod is the MGW shifter.

I have installed coil overs before in the past so this isn’t a 1st time thing for me.

Thanks for any advice / input.


Squeaks are usually from panhard or sway bushings. Squeaks on bumps or steering?
If you haven't changed the swaybar then I would think it is the sway bar end links on the rear, mine had the same issue after lowering with P springs.


Having more fun than should be my Boss
byronj said:
Its not twisting. I think its from the panhard bar.

Does the bar have grease fittings? I had a significant amount of squeaks and noises after my suspension re-do. A fair amount of the noises were eliminated by using the grease gun " Liberally " on the fittings. Now....all I have is the "Clunking" which seems to be related to the two piece drive shaft.


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