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Need For Speed The Run Includes a Boss 302

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I knew the Boss 302 was included in the game but I did not know there would be a KB Boss. We have a Wii console and so far the game is pretty cool. The Boss rendering is not 100% accurate and note the 2013 grille snout. Here are some screen shots including a couple of my son crashing my car!

My son had completed several segments and gained enough money to upgrade the car I guess. He was down by Yosemite in the game when this showed up. I haven't played the game yet so I can't be more precise than that. BTW we pre ordered the game and there were supposed to be a couple of extra cars included but I'm not sure if the Boss is one of them.


I have it for PC. I started seeing the Boss around the same time, but haven't been able to select it to drive yet. I have seen both the C stripe and the hockey stick versions. I think Ford timed their release with the game as they were both release on the 15th or the game timed their release, either way.
It's always cool to be able to drive a car you own in a video game, I was a little bummed when I bought forza 4 and went through the ford options and found no BOSS, however many many other cool cars.
Cool! I was thinking of buying this game...for my ps3. That's cool that there's a Kona Blue color!!! Gotta get it now.


I haven't seen the LS. I did get to drive the Boss and it really needed to be fixed. I'm guessing in the next patch. It was having trouble staying at 100mph. yeah, right! lol. and the handling was horrid too. When the game released the GT500 was really really bad it could barely get up to 80. Glad they fixed it now just waiting for them to fix the Boss...

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