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Need help here!

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Good day to all. This will seem probably dumb to most but i take (probably to much) care of my Boss . A speck bubbled up on part of the center console the other day ( I almost had a friking hart attack!!!) So i said ok i have the premium coverage on this thing its ok!!! Dealer took pic's sent them to ford and they will not swap it out!!!!!!! long story short can anyone give me a contact at ford i could call ??? here is a pic (PLEASE Dont laugh to me its a big deal) thanks to all!!!
The ford rep over on is pretty helpful. I'd try her. Her name is Deysha

Or you could call and ask for her: 800.392.FORD
how much does that piece cost? if it bothers you that much you might have to bite the bullet and just buy one.


If that car is less than a year old then you are long as you didnt cause it.
You're right, it is a big deal. One way or the other you'll need to get it replaced or you'll look at every time you get in the car.

I have a warn spot on my drivers seat. My service manager looked at it and said to wait until the warranty is almost out and they will make a claim for new seat covers. Not sure how that will go?

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