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Need Help in Getting MY2012

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2012 #552
Talked to my dealer again today to see if Kona Blue request I made would work but he did not have an answer, so I insisted that Yellow Blaze is what I ordered and that's really what I want. So in my conversation I mentioned that some of you guys got your Yellow Blaze Boss already and only put an order in a few months back. He said if I can get him information backing this up he would take it to Ford so they can answer why my order is not scheduled yet.

So if you would help me out I would appreciate it.

Here is what I need:
1. Date you ordered your Boss in Yellow Blaze (if dealer had it already ordered before you came in let me know this date)
2. Date you received your Boss in Yellow Blaze
3. Options on your Boss in Yellow Blaze
4. Dealer name and location
5. VIN (I know some people may not be comfortable giving this out and that's fine if you chose not to provide this)

Again, I thank you in any data you can provide me with to take to dealer so he can work with Ford on making this right for me.
1. 20 Apr 2011
2. 15 Jun 2011
3. No options
4. Williamsburg Ford (Virginia) 2 allocations, I was their first and the second one was a fourth quarter, but they traded with another dealer to get another second quarter.
5.VIN 1ZVBP8CU9C5225815
No Yellow Blaze Bosses have been built since August 3rd. When some mustang folk toured the plant during the Woodward Cruise week, they noted there were no YB 'stangs anywhere in sight.
Your order will only go through if Ford decides to bring back the color, which may happen.

If your heart's set on YB, I would look hard and fast to find one of the last ones which are arriving at dealers now. Maybe your salesman could help you with that.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Like PTRocks said, they aren't in production anymore, so complaining to your dealer won't help.

Your best bet is to find one arriving to a dealer or start scouring EBay.


2012 #552
I would have to disagree that Yellow Blaze is not being built anymore based on the information I am getting from the dealer and from FCS. Both parties are telling me that there is not an issue with Yellow Blaze color. I am simply trying to get the dealer to go to Ford and show orders submitted later than one I placed are being delivered already and I am still waiting.


2012 #552
Thank you STIG302 for sharing your information, hopefully the dealer will be able to use it to get my Boss finally scheduled.

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