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Never Forget ----- 9/11 Memorial and Museum with financial concerns.

Bill Pemberton

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Never Forget , never forget , never forget!!

I was shocked to hear that due to Covid the 9/11 Memorial and Museum may have to close as they get the majority of funding from ticket sales. Many of us have friends who rushed to help with the tragedy or their friends or family were affected. We as a Nation were all affected in some manner and it is unconscionable to me that this Memorial is struggling.........can some actually forget so quickly? Hopefully this is just a situation caused by lack of tourists in New York , but now that this is out in the forefront I challenge my fellow Americans to send in a token of their support. I was surprised the other day that the website, address , or phone number was not listed , so for convenience I have listed them below: Online donation
9/11 Memorial and Museum
180 Greenwich St.
New York,NY. 10007 ( I prefer mailing in checks so decided others might want to also )

I realize this is not Mustang related , but it is something that is so important to so many in this Country, so I wanted to post for those that were unaware of this situation.


Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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Where were you when.......??
I will never forget the news report and the activity once we got to work that morning. Busy times. The first casualty came from my unit.
My two biggest concerns then were that we would concentrate on the "Icon" UBL giving up after he was taken down and that the nation would simply forget why.......
A few bucks now will help people remember. Thanks
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My friend Andy Fredericks and his crew were killed that day.
How the ****bags in the government of New York can let this happen when.pissing away billions on Mickey Mouse programs is simply incomprehendable.

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