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New 2013 Fusion Titanium

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Added another Ford to the family, a 2013 Fusion Titanium with the 2.0 EcoBoost. We're really enjoying it so far and I think Ford hit a home run with this car. I'm already planning some mods for it and my wife has agreed to let me lower it an inch, shocking! I'd like to find a black grille for it too. I'll get the windows tinted in the next week or two. I've nicknamed it the CER or Carl Edwards Replica. ;D





Mustang owner since 84
Nice ride, and I agree Ford did a great job on them I just got a 2013 Fusion also.
If you didn't know, hold onto the lock button on remote and all 4 windows will row up and if you do the same with unlock on key fob all windows will come down.y5yqehar.jpg
Every time I see one in the rear view, I really do think "Is that an Aston Martin"? That front grille screams British (Personally I think it looks awesome). Can't wait to see how it looks with tint and lowered a little.

I always look twice when I see the new Fusion coming the other way. Great lines and Aston Martin looks. Next car for me with possible exception of 2015 Mustang.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I wanted one of these a few years back and want one more now. Too bad the wife wants an SUV (Explorer) and there's no SHO/SVT version of the Fusion because it would be remincient of the original SHO, which I also would love to own. Solid purchase.


Mustang owner since 84
What I really like about my new Fusion is the way Ford made it feel and sound.
When you open and close the doors or hood they thump with a nice quality feel and the road noise is down considerably.
It has a very Euro feel to it and we test drove a BMW 328i Sport, Audi A4 S Line and MB C250 Sport. The Fusion is a lot closer then you would think.

I haven't found a black grille and MRT said they painted a stock one for their SEMA car. They have H&R lowering springs and I'm waiting to hear back on the specs. Window tinting is set for the 11th. I'm trying to talk my wife into this look but she's not going for it. Maybe CDC will make this grille available.


Really? I think it has a very nice ass.

Well, I'm not an NAMSSA, so what do I know? It's not that the back is unattractive, it's just the front of the car looks like an Aston Martin Rapide! That makes the "nice" Sonata/Jetta rearend...incongruous, IMO.

I'm not hatin' though. This car is on my short list for a (new) DD/family-hauler. The only thing that would probably stop me is that for this drivetrain and having the wrong wheels driven, I would probably go for the dynamics and practicality of the Focus. (I'm still not hatin'.)

Good looking car - congratulations! I hope you will keep us updated with occasional long-term reports.


Mustang owner since 84
Been trying to convince wife on tinting, she likes tint, but says she also enjoys the sun being bright on the inside. grrrr :-\
unrealford said:
Been trying to convince wife on tinting, she likes tint, but says she also enjoys the sun being bright on the inside. grrrr :-\
Once you've had tinted windows you can never go back. Having the rear window tinted works really well at night time to keep bright headlights from bothering you. All of my cars have been tinted for the past 25 years.
Looks great! The Fushion will be my choice for our next car next year when our youngest gets our current DD.
Alot of buttons on that steering wheel :eek:

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