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New 2015 Mustang Details Confirmed

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If the V6 is more powerful than the current one then I don't see the current V8 making sense to anyone in their target audience because anybody attached to classic musclecars and V8s already bought a retro one over the last 8 years. With the new body and irs it is aimed at younger people who think V8s are for pickups and Escaldes. Maybe with direct injection and 50 more hp it would make sense in a low production high end one, but there will probably be a GT500 or something similar with forced injection and way more hp so still doesn't make that much sense.


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I see the new V6 making 350 hp, the 5.0 will get a bump over 450 hp and the Shelby/Cobra will still top out around 650 hp. That's quite the spread of engines. SVO @ 250, LX @350, GT @ 450, Mach 1???? @ 550, Shelby @ 650. Something for everyone.

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Believe it would be a gross error to alleviate the 5.0 after all the fanfare to bring it back. Maybe it would be limited, but hard to imagine Ford being so foolish to not keep it in the arsenal?


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Will be interesting to see what the final production car looks like. There was mention of the car being lighter in that the 4 Cyl engine option becomes much more realistic.

However, it appears that the times have forced Ford's hand in making the Mustang more of a world car. Looking at the lineup as it stands today, it seems like the Mustang is the last really "American" car as everything else has already made the transition.
I'd argue the vette is still an American car even if it is sold elsewhere. It has changed focus since the early iterations but it is still very 'merican. I'd consider a Mustang turbo personally but will have to see how it turns out.


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Truly, if this is what the new 2015 Mustang will look like, I'm even more grateful I went ahead and purchased by "13 Boss 302 now...

This reminds me of the time they wanted to make the Mustang the then new, Ford Probe...a Mazda/Ford partnership of what they then thought was the "New Look" for the Mustang. Great....They scratched that ideal back in 1989-1990, then went out and re-designed the Mustang to a bigger, more muscular look that lasted till 2005. At which time they drug everyone back to the past, with huge styling cues from the 1960"s and 1970 Mustang era. That design lasted until 2011, at which time they gave the same basic model a mid-cycle refresh, but kept the basic look and feel of the design, but added a new engine package, and interior. 2013 models, or 2012 Base model, added more macho retro styling, better electronic, handling and more interior and this time also, exterior re-freshens. Now, suddenly, the 2015 model will completely transform into a vehicle that looks nothing like the current model, the original model or any model throughout the Mustangs lifetime. To me, this looks amazingly like a modern Twist of a Probe. Round, boring and 4-cylinder engines. I have read the basic same report and description of the new 2015 Mustang in several articles, unfortunately they all look alike and sound as odd as the Pinto derived Cobra II of the past.
Personally I was glad to hear the Mustang would make its way to the World stage, there it would inspire others as it has hear, helping promote the car and sport. I was hopeful that that added interest would mean better recognition of the Ford brand and the Mustang, but more importantly, a new segment in aftermarket parts availability. As on now we only have the USA and Canadian manufacturing segments for parts, just imagine if Germany, France, Italy, Austria and others came on board and started offering aftermarket support? Wow, I can just imagine the new ideals. But...I do not see this car offering the same level inspiration as I would have hoped. It looks more " RICER" then Muscle, more Poser then fast and nothing that would make me want to run right out and buy one.
For the record, the Mustang will be offered with a standard V-6 NA engine, the optional and more expensive IL-4 Turbo will available, as will the 5.0L Coyote, and maybe a V-6 turbo???? What is not expected to make it in the new design is the new 5.8L GT-500 engine, the engine itself is just too high for the thing to fit in the car, and Ford has not stated it a GT 500 will be offered at all. They have released that a Boss 302 (40 hp)will follow after initial launch, and there are theories of maybe a 5.0L twin turbo in the future. But, I have to ask....Will there be a future? I personally do not like the car. I have been a Mustang lover all my life, I grew-up with '69-'70's, had friends that tooled around in Cobra II, knew friends that had Fox Mustangs, and have owned and built several gen4 or SN-195 models. I currently also have a '13 Boss 302...but I cannot see myself, nor can my wife or son see themselves owning one of the newest versions of the Mustang, the 2015 gen 5.

I would have preferred them to gradually up-date the current model, make significant changes both in exterior and interior design every few years for the next 6-8 years. This would also be adding new technology, more modern and revised engines and transmission packages, as well as new module specific cars like the Boss 302, Mach 1, GT 350 and so on. And keep their new vehicle design as an whole new model into itself, call it something just not a Mustang.
I've seen the 40 hp bump Boss rumor before, where was it released from Ford that they will do it? I'm a little different from you, in that I basically like the old Boss 302s and no other Mustangs. So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now because they have been putting out some nice cars though basically all of the new ones are fugly. Fox Mustangs have really been growing on me lately, I'll admit, and I'm considering building one as my next track car if I can settle on a series. But I can totally feel you, I was the same way when they revived the Charger (I had a 69) and still hate the new ones, and I'm leery of the Cuda that is coming (68-69 are my favorite musclecar behind the Boss 302).

The Vette had to keep transforming to survive, the Camaro and other musclecars failed to and died. Unfortunately (at least in my opinion) the market is about saturated with retro Mustangs, sales have gone down, and the younger generation are all about IRS, HIDs and turbos, if they even care about cars at all. So hopefully Ford finds a good balance between tradition and innovation, because if they let the car stagnate it will die like the Camaro did the first time and the Challenger is doing a second time.
"While this Ford executive’s comments certainly confirms many of the details that have long been speculated, there’s still a lot of unknown surrounding the 2015 Mustang. Ford has been closely guarding these details but, as they’re released or leaked, we’ll share them."

Unnamed Ford executive......I wouldn't be too quick to make judgements about the 2015. One thing Ford is very good at is keeping development product secret. The article even admits the car won't look like the picture other than maybe having some styling cues, nor does it say it won't have a V8 option. I talked to an unnamed Ford executive and certainly did not walk away with the impression the V8 is gone. I'd be shocked if I won't want one.
In case you haven't seen this thread:
orng302 said:
" if they even care about cars at all" This is the quote of the day and oh so true.

You old guys need to stop shooting us young guys down Lolll.
There's a lot of us that care about cars, its just times have changed and the economy is no longer the same as when you guys were young. Back then v8's were everywhere. Nowadays, l4's and v6's are affordable and a lot more efficient. So the usual bolt-ons no longer yield great results, that's why turbochargers are popular :p
Shelby American has reached an agreement to go through 2015 so a GT500 is still on tap.

I can see Ford keeping the engines for the most part like they did in 2010. One year later the new engines come out to maximize overall sales.

I'm surprised we haven't seen anything conclusive about a 2014 specialty car in between the GT and 500. I's sure Roush will be more than happy to fill the gap but I'd like to see more variety from Ford. A new SVO would be awesome. I'd buy one for my 60 mile per day commute.

Of course my dream is a street legal Cobra Jet that does a 2-3 second quarter mile. Just CRUSH everything stoplight to stoplight. ;D
F.D. Sako said:
orng302 said:
" if they even care about cars at all" This is the quote of the day and oh so true.

You old guys need to stop shooting us young guys down Lolll.
There's a lot of us that care about cars, its just times have changed and the economy is no longer the same as when you guys were young. Back then v8's were everywhere. Nowadays, l4's and v6's are affordable and a lot more efficient. So the usual bolt-ons no longer yield great results, that's why turbochargers are popular :p
Good points. I agree the V8s have a limited shelf life at this point in history. Turbo V6s and, yes, I4s are where performance will go. And they'll be plenty fast. But, from everything I read the young automobile enthusiast is a much more rare commodity now than at any time since the onset of the 1950's. And those that exist have more needs than just for speed.


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I dunno about the demise of the V8s, Ford thought the same thing when they tried to release the Must...err, PROBE and look where that got them.

I agree that v8s will probably be less plentiful in the future, but strictly because of fuel costs/crunches.

These awesome V8 cars that we have NOW are going to inspire a whole new crop of young car people a few years down the line.


So I was reading Car and Driver (NOV issue) about the new mustang etc.. And one little blip caught my attention. They mentioned that they will be sqeezing out more HP for the BOSS. Now I thought it had been determined that there were only going to be 2 years of the BOSS... I have been looking online for the story, but haven't been able to locate it yet. Right now it's on my tablet. If I have to I will grab a screenshot of that portion and upload it for everyone.
I've heard that rumor a few times, did they say who said it? IIRC there were some posts on another forum about someone heard a rumor from somewhere and people ran with it. Also originally articles quoted Ford at 3 years, then when production started it changed to 2 years, then Ford stopped talking about it (assuming any of it ever really came from Ford, rather than people just making stuff up). I would not be surprised if they keep the Boss going. Originally the GT500 was supposed to be limited production right? Happens all the time. Especially if they end up migrating the RR heads to the regular GT as I suspect.

If it is true, I may look into trading in depending how they look and ride. I'm getting tired of trans/brake issues.

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