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New Boss owner

Just picked up my 2013 Boss 302 in School Bus Yellow with 3052 miles on the OD. Its car #1429. Its missing the owners kit and the car cover so i need to find those. But over all love the car. Only upgades the original owner did was Bear Erdi speed plus 2 rotors front and rear and the side window louvers which i am going to remove. Since i was 15 i have always wanted a boss 302 since my first ride in a grabber green 1970. Its only taking 27 years and many mustangs to get me here but it was well worth the wait.
Welcome to BMO sand congratulations. Be sure and post photos of your car.
Welcome Blown54! Now you own the greatest Mustang ever made! I know your feelings I waited 43 years to get my 2013 school bus yellow Boss. With each mile you drive it, you will like it more. Enjoy!


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Those quarter window louvers look like my old ones. They should just pop off as mine were applied by the dealer with heavy duty Velcro. Then it's just a matter of removing the adhesive from the glass.
Yep they were velcro on, i took them off today. It looks so much better without those side louvers!
Congratulations and Welcome to Boss Mustangs Online, you've found the best forum
online. There's a few local Boss owners downriver which I'm sure in time you'll meet. Now get some miles on her before winter.

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Hi Blown54:

Great find, she is beautiful. Congratulations and welcome to the Boss Mustangs Online Forum. Go to and read about TracKey, great option from Ford. Then you will unleash your Boss.

All the Best,

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