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New Boss!

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Work still in progress, so I have not driven it yet :'( I think it fits into the back round well, doesn't look out of place right? :D

Fix for the shifting/clutch/stickingtofloor/grinding/notchy problem (s). First the clutch - Exedy. Dean swore up and down it is the only way to go. He was not the only one - below my car and a real race car.

Next the trans, T56 close ratio and X-pipe going in.

Factory drive shaft, lol. I took that out a long time ago and have been carrying the extra grease around for a while I guess.

Last the new (old) brakes going on. Decided not to get the New 380 brakes and buy many new rims. Going to stick with these 2012 Grand Am take offs and the factory rears.
These do look cool 8)
Wow you're going all out. Looking good but where's the 302S wing? :p
Could you post a list of pieces for the clutch/Trans swap I am likely gonna end up with a T56 at some point with a gear change to keep it close to the Stock Boss gearing.

Did you have to change Cross members?
What DS did you use?
Does the T56 have a different input Spline than the MT82?
and anything else you may have had to add to make the swap work. please.
NewBossowner said:
Could you post a list of pieces for the clutch/Trans swap I am likely gonna end up with a T56 at some point with a gear change to keep it close to the Stock Boss gearing. 2.66 first gear - close ratio, very close to the MT82 gears 2-3-4 same as 3-4-5.

Did you have to change Cross members? Yes comes with the kit
What DS did you use? I am using the Axle Exchange in Fairfield NJ. I had a one piece aluminum from them used with the MT-82, perfect up to 160 MPH. There are T56 kits sold with clutch and DynoTech shafts (I think that is the brand) but I have heard less then favorable things with that drive shaft. I am sticking with what I know works.
Clutch? Again did not get the full package, I got a ET03SD twin disc clutch from Dean at Rehagan Racing, killer good price and I ordered an extra slave/throwout bearing. Get it while it's at this price !!!
The ET04SD1 is the single plate used on the Grand Am cars, works well but the twin is better.

Bellhousing? I got the steel piece included with the trans kit. There is aluminum and saw that was on the race car. The guys at the shop said this was better to have even if it weighted more. It will protect you better and they have issues stripping bolts in the aluminum.
Slave? These will go bad often when tracking, nothing can be done at this point about that until someone makes an upgraded version. It is the same as used in the MT82 Stock, with the bell housing I have, not sure but with the aluminum housing it may be different (shorter). So you don't need one but I would replace it while it is out. (also replace the pluse ring with the Ford racing part M-12A227-CJ13).
Does the T56 have a different input Spline than the MT82? It has a slip yoke up front and flange (can't think of the correct name at the moment) that attaches to the rear. The shaft I ordered has all that is needed as do the shafts that come with a trans package. The MT82 drive shaft in the car now is not even close
Shifter? Using the part from Tremec, come with the trans kit. I have been told it is fine since there are no issues like with the MT 82 and the shifter hanging off the end by a thread.
and anything else you may have had to add to make the swap work. please. I ordered the trans from JPC, there are several vendors but a site member told me that he had no problems with this vendor.
***I strongly suggest getting the clutch I posted, spend a lot of time talking with different races about this. Driveshaft is up to you, roll the dice on getting it with the trans kit. I am sure many have installed it without any problems but running Daytona I am not going to chance that.
The clutch that would fit the MT 82 is Exedy ET04XD, I wanted to do this but Dean talked me out of "wasting my money" on a clutch for the MT 82. Trust me, I argued the point hard of just doing the clutch. I know he drives the car harder then I can ever hope to, he is one of the top drivers in Grand Am. He has broken the MT 82 before and was certain I would have issues with continued tracking even at my skill level.

I did talk with Exedy and there is a bright point, if you get the ET04XD for the MT 82 and decided to change to a Tremec later you can just swap out the discs - top dt05da, bottom dt05db. They run about $400 each and you would have the same twin disc setup I just put in.

As you stated ET03SD does not list the newer 302 motor but it is correct for the Boss with the Tremec.

I trust what Dean tells me on these things and even if I have not driven the car yet I expect to see results exactly like he told me he tested the parts. I have made a few costly errors with the car trying to cut corners and save, later having to replace parts twice. That is why I am taking this route now.
Z20WHAT said:
Mechanical upgrades look and sound great, Scott. Did I miss the thread on you updating your stripes to the '70/'13 style???

Yes, it was a tough decision to modify this limited production car but I said what the hell :clown: Seriously the cost of the stipes is very low so I like to play around with them. I talked with ProMotorStripes about making a 70 set up, they are the same matte black style like the 69 stripes I replaced a long time ago. With a few measurements he nailed it first try. If I paint the hood I will finish up with a full set of 70 style but will most likely paint the middle.

BTW this is the same place that made the helmet stripes posted here before, [email protected] I can't say enough good things about them, many other site members will agree.



zzyzx said:
I hope didn't forget to upgrade to the Competition Pulse Ring while you had the tranny out...

Reminds me, if anyone else does this it has the same part number on it and looks exactly the same as the one you take out. So don't call Ford Racing freaking out, I was assured it is different from someone I trust. It is blueprinted or whatever and corrected to tight tolerances.
Are those brembos the same as the Rehagen monster brembo kit? Are the calipers true race calipers? bootless, perforated pistons, titanium, etc? If so, that's the kit I have on my list.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I can haz your car? :D. That'd save me a lot of time and money. Btw, on the stripes, you didn't go reflective? I'd actually like to see the '69 style stripes in the reflective tape.

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