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New Enkei PF01s


I'll second the 18" track wheel recommendation--more tire choices at lower prices.
But for track days, you'll want to run smaller tires than stock because of the smaller rim. The sidewall needs to be strong enough not to roll over. If you found an 18" tire the same diameter as the stock 19" tires, it may roll over in hard turns.
I run PF01 9.5x18 wheels and Nitto NT-05 275/40/18 tires on all 4 corners (Strano sway bars to balance out going square).
Hankook RS3 is another good choice.
I have a freind who runs Dunlop Direzza Star Specs on his BMW Z4 and really likes them. But a Mustang weighs a lot more, and I don't know if that tire is made in our sizes. A 275/35 gets a little small in overall diameter.


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Wayne - good point. I found the NT-555R-I's to be very good at combating roll over, they actually wore very well at Pocono, right up to the wear indicator and not beyond. They actually did this at multiple tire pressures that I was playing with which is quite odd. I suspect the NT-05's have similar qualities.

That said, on my Audi TTS I did have a little of an issue with tire roll over with the Michelin PSS's but not much. It was much more prevalent with the Direzza Star Specs. It may not be a fair comparison since that was an AWD with a TON of understeer.
PeteInCT said:
To be honest we r8 was not being driven as hard as it could of been, either was the c 6 vette. Still, the Boss can take that car . The V10 would require you havong better driving skills, too much HP and too light.
The Audi is only a few pounds lighter but the weight is in the optimal position. ;) It really didn't feel much if any faster than my Boss but it sure is fun revving it up to 8,500 RPM's. ;D

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