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New GB Boss owner from Kentucky

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Hola all...mustang fan here, this makes stang #16, picking up a '13 grabber blue Boss this weekend and have been lurking in the shadows on the forum looking for info to help me decide if the Boss was the next mustang for me. I've had 3 terminators incl a kenne Bell mystichrome vert, several 80's GT's, a few 97 Cobras, 06 Saleen vert, heck I lose count at times. Also have had a really neat 86 Grand National (yes they are what everyone says ;) )

I am a long-time convertible lover and have been driving a BMW 335i hardtop vert the last 2 years and coming back to my beloved mustangs now. I never seem to get away from them for long.

If anyone knows of a nice set of forged wheels or knows anyone looking for OEM Boss rims, send me a pm! Looking forward to becoming a more active member of the forums. I am a very active member on with almost 8k posts.

Anyways, no pics yet but I'll post one when I get her polished up next week.


Mustang owner since 84
Welcome, Boss might not have the HP as some of the other rides but the 7500 rpms is quite fun.
Thanks all. A few of my Mustang club will be at Somernites but I won't be (won't get the car till late Sunday).

As long as it pulls as hard as I have read, I may not miss the HP (for at least a month or two lol)
Hey KY Boss owners, Bluegrass Mustang Club will be making a stampede to Somerset, leaving Nicholasville @ 9:15am Last year we drove down together with 30+ Mustangs

I'm in Lexington, give me a PM
thought you guys might like a shot or two of a few past mustangs:

03 Sonic Bue Cobra (pullied stock Eaton 468 whp)


06 Saleen (pullied, full Pypes exhaust, 475 whp)


04 Mystichrome Cobra (KB 2.2 625 whp, totally useless on the street)



66 (doggy straight 6, I hated that car)


03 Redfire Cobra (ghost flames, Steggy Stage 3 ported and polished Eaton, 515 whp, perfect level for street)




01 Cobra vert (bassani side exhaust before you Boss guys made it popular)


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