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New house garage makeover time!

FINALLY I will have a garage to cage the beast! Selling my current home and moving to Sharon, MA for the good schools. Open house was today for the current residence and people apparently loved it so I am sure it will sell fast and maybe for over asking. So there will be some funding for the new garage and whatever in the front suspension is clunking muhaha!

Under house
11.5' wide, 25' deep, around 6.5' ceiling.
old door and electric opener.
breaker panel just inside door to right. So it will be very easy to add outlets.
door to basement on left, about 10' in.

$2-3K-ish? The ish
Cool, good luck with the sale and purchase. What are you looking to do with your budget?

Odd...I think the forum posted what I had typed when it logged me out. Missing details:

25' - Boss - 2ft benches at end - 2ft door clearance = 5.33' working space in front of the car.

Shopping list so far:
-Tan Rustoleum pro epoxy (solvent based, not water-based)
-Hanging door protectors for each side wall
-lockable tool storage (my kits LOVE tools...):
-"lift" maybe?:

I wanted to get some ideas from you guys on how to maximize the space I have at the end of the garage for car-specific tools/suplies. I am not comfortable hanging anything above or on side walls since there is potential for them to fall and hit the Boss. So the 11.5' by 6.5-ish' tall end wall is it. I can store wheels/tires and other large parts in the basement. Those I could hang up to save space.
Racerpilotalan said:
Thanks for the idea on the Quick lift.
Do you think a car dropped an 1" with an LS splitter could climb it?

If you can measure the height of the bottom of the splitter and distance to the bottom of the wheel (on the floor) then you could give the company a call and tell them the dimensions. They should be able to tell you if it will hit. It's a pretty shallow angle so I would think it would work. And you can always back the car up onto it, too.

This is the portable lift I am also considering after speaking with a co-worker. He uses his all the time and just swapped a 650hp Cobra drivetrain into his '90's notchback. Insane...

Here is the Boss in the garage. Pretty tight! Also forgot to mention I believe a $1-2k budget would work for the remodel (paint, lighting, fixing shoddy electrical work) and tool storage. A lift or something like that could come later.

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