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New Member and Question on 2012 LS

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Hi all,
I just joined up and looking forward to getting educated here.
I am going to look a a 2012 LS in a couple days that is for sale. Can anyone tell me what extras I should make sure are with the car from the original order to make sure the car comes with everything it should have. I heard that when the car came new it came with a box of parts - splitter, oil cooler, brake duct parts...I really want to make sure I get the car complete so thanks for the advice.
Welcome to BMO. Yes the car came with the front splitter, brake cooling ducts and trans scoop in a box but they could be installed on the car already. The only option was the upgraded floor mats (not much of an upgrade) and the car cover. BTW all Boss cars came with an oil cooler. Good luck with your search.
This might sound minute, but I was missing the sunglass clips for the visors when I took delivery. There small but handy.
Thanks all for the replies. Good to have support here!
MS71171: I'll be looking at a black one with only 300 miles , going for $50k. It's one of the Canadian cars so think it will be a good one to hang on to. Only 25 black cars built for Canada in 2012 and none coming up for 2013.

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