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Have been reading and learning here for a while,I own a 2013 PW Boss 302,Love this car.I have about 3500 Km on it so far,not my daily driver.Did my first oil change at 1600 Km ( Mobile 1 ) car has burned about 2 liters of oil since new,oil seperator on my to do list.Have tinted windows,roush side splitters,jager bros flap,redline hood lift,Mgw shifter on order.Don't have issues with Tranny but miss shifts to often due to stock shifter.Thankyou all for sharing your knowledge,great site.
Welcome to BMO. You're in Canada?
Pitt302 said:
Vancouver B.C. the weather is mild here in the south/west,should be able to keep the Boss on the road for 7 or 8 months of the year.
Hey Canuck !! Welcome from Hinton Alberta. 5 months max on the road here...I miss Vancover Island !!
Welcome and enjoy the site along with congrats on owning an awesome car. I see from your user pic you have the fastest color as white doesn't have all that pigment to slow it down.
Was thinking of buying the LS Boss until the dealer told me they dont sell the 2013's in Canada.The standard Boss is more car then I shall ever need on the street,and the back seat has seen plenty of use .I was split between the SBY and PW.Yellow one still sitting in the showroom, thought they would move quicker then they are,but I supose not very practical for most people.
There are a few Canadian Boss's here. I am in Nanaimo on Vancouver island. I know theres another RR south of me in Duncan but I don't know if he is a member on here or not.
Thats great that we have members from Canada, I put Vancouver as my home town,thinking that most would recognize that,but I'am from Pitt Meadows about an hour from Vancouver.We should have a Boss meet sometime.

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