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New Mustang SVO?

2F3F433C-0D87-422A-A64A-D8E0F9263C26.jpeg I saw one of the Merkur’s at the Rolex this year and really dug it! They had a V8 on display but the placard spoke of the turbo 4 and mentioned how stout they were but were more prone to failure and therefore less used because of the durability.


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Seems kind of silly to have two four cylinder performance packages. Maybe the high performance package is testing the waters and if it goes well they'll replace it with an SVO?

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TMS is spot on , as we have the GT 350 at one price point , and the PP2 at another. Granted geared to the performance crowd , but at different price points and technology upgrades. So we have a performance oriented Turbo 4 available , but upgraded to a lightweight sleeper for the boosted crowd and .....................Europe, Australia, Great Britain, etc. There are distinct tax breaks in some Countries , outside the US , when using smaller displacement motors, and there is definitely a different market in Europe , for instance. Bringing the SVO back and it the machine boasts a motor in the 375-400 range, there is no doubt the market for it would add to the provenance of the Mustang. I love the 5.0, and am not likely to have a 4 cylinder in my driveway , but I do know 3 close friends who would sell any vehicle in their driveaway today to be back in an SVO!!!

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