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New pads! and looking for Best deal on 13 brake ducts?

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First I'd like to thank PeteInCT / TrackDay Solutions for hiss help in ordering my brake pads. He is extremely helpful and informative. Pleasure doing business with you good sir.

I need to order 2013 brake duct kit. Anyone know a good deal? Found a kit for 300 at silver horse racing and 350 at Levittown. Anyone know a better place/price?
Which pads did you order?


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As I mentioned to DD GT3 RD, my opinion is if you are going to track your Boss more than 'just occasionally' the the brake cooling ducts are one of the best mods you can perform. I have measured an 85 degree cooler difference between front and rear calipers (yes, the fronts were cooler) when I was running an RS-29/RS-56 pad combination. You can't see them so there's no 'bling' factor and the effect is not immediate, but it will save you on brake pad/rotor maintenance costs and drastically reduce the possibility of brake fade (assuming you are using the appropriate pads. Stock pads will still fade unless you are track driving very conservatively).



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The '13 kits are more expensive due to the revised duct plates; however you could order a generic one, then order the BIG inlets from Rehagen...

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