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My wife wants the Shelby 11-12' (not buying the 13 forget it), I like the Boss 13'. I am sure this been discussed around the web and I have read up so some peoples take, however after the test drives I think the Boss may be the better car. Here is what I am thinking pros and cons

Her Pros
1.First, her take is she likes the comfort of the Shelby and we have looked at maybe the vert, however she drove them both and did better in the Boss.
2.She likes the look of the Shelby.
1. Shelby will be more expensive even used
2. She might have to give up her Infiniti G-37 and it would become her daily driver. She works 2 days a week, 2 miles away so she would not put much mileage on it. We have a new King ranch which drives and rides better than the G-37, so for longer trips we take that.
My pros
1. When I drove the Boss I felt like I was connected and driving it, the Shelby felt like it was driving me and I was just kinda hanging on.
2. Softer, but more in control ride, if that is possible to say in one sentence.
3. Power was more usable, where the Shelby was difficult to drive.
4. I like the color options
5. I like the look and sound ( both cars about the same)
1. I did not like the brakes, maybe the it was the car, although it had only 2k. They were mushy and made me nervous. The Shelby was a little better, but neither were close to my truck nor my G-37.
2. Seat was a little tight for me
3. Every-time I rested my arm on the console the lid popped up.

Really, nothing else, although it was a short ride.

A few questions for you guys.

Any issues that I should check when looking for a used, low mile, less than 5k Boss?
As a daily driver coming from a sport luxury car to this would you grow tired of it? I am afraid she might. If I buy the Boss I may Just keep her G-37!!
Would the Shelby make a better daily driver for her.

Thanks for any relplys
Hi and welcome to BMO. I think the Boss would make a fine DD but mine is a weekend warrior. BTW the brakes on the two cars are identical but the tires are different. If the brakes felt mushy maybe they need to be bled. Ask the dealer to bled the brakes as they can cycle the ABS and get rid of any air bubbles in there. The brakes are not the best part of either car. Changing pads for track use will make a noticeable difference. I really like the GT500's and have driven a 2011. I'm having a blast with my Boss and wouldn't trade it for a GT500. Good luck in your search.
I think maybe it was the brakes needing bleeding. I also noticed the wife shifted the Boss much better, as she had a hard time with the Shelby. I think it is a matter of getting used to as I did not have any problems with either car.

Thanks for the replies as I start this Journey. What I really want is one of each and a SRT Challenger :). I would also like to see Dodges next car as I heard a Cuda might be in the works

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