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New SN95 forum for track-focused Mustang owners


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This is obviously a new sub-forum. We could use some help identifying and moving threads here from other places in our forum. If you come across any threads that are geared towards SN95 Mustangs, please click the Report link in the first post of the thread and let us know that it should be moved here to keep all those discussions grouped together.


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This is great as there are plenty of fast SN95s still running road courses and autocross courses all over this Country. Plenty of them show up running in American Sedan or American Iron!


Russ Marsh
So my track build seems to sit a little high in the rear with MM high rate springs with 350# front coil overs. MM says lower rate would be to soft.
What concerns me is the top six coils are fully compressed at rest. Angle seems odd too. MM says remove pads. I’m wondering if I can cut a coil off with a cold cut?



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I used to run the same rear springs. The rear sitting high is why I changed to rear coilovers. Another option is the adjustable lower control arms.

The torque arm springs are progressive rate. I don't think it's recommended to cut progressive rate springs. Plus the bottom coil has a smaller diameter to fit the lower control arm and the top coil has a flat coil against the body.

Grant 302

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I’m wondering if I can cut a coil off with a cold cut?
Cut from the top/soft side of the spring. Flatten/grind the end or find or make a tapered helicoil seat in rubber or nylon.
Just be aware that the drop will be more than the coil width due to the motion ratio.

Do not cut the small bottom coil!

I wouldn’t remove the isolator.
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New to Forum. I have a 2002 edge That im building for AX and track days. Need in some input on the roll cage. I am building it to AI specs. You are saying it is too high but MM makes some adjustable lower control arms to adjust the height.
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