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New tires on so far I love them!!!

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I got the new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's installed today via discount tire. I have to say over the P Zero's its night and day difference how it handles the bumps and road noise. The ride just feels softer and less harsh hitting sharp bumps. Cannot comment on traction in a straight line yet. The discount tire kid that installed them must have wanted to impress me by putting meguiars hot shine all over the tires covering most of the tread. it hasnt worn off yet. I give him an A for effort.

Going to give them a few hundred miles to break in and wear off the mold release till I can say they are better then the P Zero's in every fashion(low bar if you ask me).

Why did I go with an all season? Moved to indiana and this is the best option I had for the money I had to spend at the moment. So please I rather for go the should but a set of other wheels and all that. Trust me I would have liked to but for now it just wasnt in the cards. I read all the reviews I could on the tires (they just came out this summer) and it was between these and the goodyear eagle f1 all seasons and I know this sounds crazy but I liked the tread pattern better on the Michelin's lol and the side wall appearance.....

With that said I kept the two front OEM P Zero's they have a lot of tread left on them. Anyone in the area that wants them come get them 50 a piece.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
mcmmotorsports said:
Michelin's are great all season tires. Had 'em on my old Hyundai
which ones? michelin stats it blows all their previous all seasons out of the water. they even went as far as doing back to backs with UHP summer tires on the same car same track.


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I had Pilot Sport A/S on my 911, great all purpose tire and great tire wear/noise factor. I just put Pilot Super Sport3s on the Mustang and ran them at Watkins Glen for 2 days and did the 550 mile round trip. Excellent performance. With Michelin you get what you pay for.
I don't drive my Boss in the rain but I really like my PSS tires. While a tad shorter than stock they ride nicer yet feel more responsive especially at turn in compared to the stock Pirellis If I go to the 50th anniversary in Vegas next April I'll get a chance to try them on a race track.

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