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New to site.

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Hey everyone, Not a Mustang or performance newby but just had delivered to my house at 1am off the transport, my new Boss. I freekin love it. I've had very modified GT's, a 04 Terminator, and a 600hp 08 GT500, all purchased brand new. The Boss 302 is the complete package in every way. I will be visiting this site often and will post more info and pics if I can sit still long enough to to take pictures.


Performance Fords
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Boss. Sounds like just in time from the numbers left.

What are the specs?

Welcome to BMO and congratulations. Where are you located?
Welcome :)

When you get a moment you might want to post the cars info here :
Name is Danny, Templeton Ca. but who cares about that...Car is #2913 PW. Can't decide on the first couple of mods with the exception of short throw shifter, dropping the rear a bit, and the track key download. One question is on the exhaust disks. Do you replace them because drilling out the stock ones would burn them out due to excess heat passing through them? That would be my thought due to they are only thin aluminum.


Performance Fords
Hi Danny from Templeton!!! I used to go through there on my way to and from College at Cal Poly. Boy has that place changed since 1980!!!

I can't imagine that drilling out the existing disks will be much of a problem. Lots of folks on this site are doing it. I personally just removed them and like the fully opened sound myself but it I were to make the hole smaller, I'd fabricate some up just to leave the stock part alone for the next owner (I'm gonna have to die first though).

As far as mods that I started out with... I installed the JLT oil can on the passenger side and it definitely grabs a lot of oil. I have also removed the sound tube, installed front splash guards to keep stones off the side of the car from the front wheels. I have been debating the install of the track key as my next mod and I think that is what I am going to next. The Boss really should have this activated as it will be a great option to have activated. Not that I will use it all the time as this is my daily driver.

I have lowered every car that I have owned and the Boss will get that treatment once I build up the desire to do it. Since it is more involved than simply swapping out the springs and some control arms, I will have to work up to wanting to mess with that much effort. Plus, I alread scrape over a lot of things, can't see wanting to make that worse. You will really have to watch out for the splitter in front as that thing takes a beating as it is...

I have to say that I am underwhelmed with the stereo system so I will be upgrading that at some time. The LF response is pathetic so a pair of 10 inch drivers and improved MF and HF drivers in the rear package shelf should help matters. I plan on spending time doing a measurement of the existing system to determine what to do next but I drive it enough that great sound is important...

The shifter is another item that irritates me and that will probably be going next XMAS.

Enjoy your ride there on the central coast!!! There is an event called Targa California, have you ever done this?

Looks like a LOT of fun...

Take Care.

John Neary
The first thing I did was the Track Key and 3/4'' exhaust discs from Rick here on this site.I think the Track Key is great ,should of come stock,but well worth the money. opening up the side exhaust plates is a must.I have MGW short through shifter on order,looking forward to that.

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