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Newbie to Forum

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Just joined this forum. This past weekend I worked a deal with an area dealer (has only gotten 1 2012 Boss 302 so far) for a 2013 Boss 302 (he will get back with me after talking to his Gen. Manager and Ford rep. about his 2013 allocation) and then will accept my deposit and call around Dec 1 to come in and order. I understand Kona Blue will not be available in 2013 and Grabber Blue probably will be. I heard the usual rumors that Sonic Blue may replace Kona Blue, has anybody heard any other news about the 2013 colors other than : Gotta Have It Green, School Bus Yellow, Grabber Blue, White, Red

I am hoping for a darker blue, but I would be interested in black with gold stripes. Thanks for your help.
Welcome to the forum. I think the colors you have stated are correct and Kona will not be an option. AFAIK they never stopped producing Kona Blue nor made any in Sonic Blue. Good luck with getting a 2013 Boss. Are you going to keep your Z06? Those things are monsters out on the track!
Plans right now are to keep the Z06. I have always wanted a Boss 302 (bought a new 1968 Mustang fastback in 68 and the next year they came out the Boss...I was upset to say the least.), anyway the Boss will be my daily driver unless something changes between now & then. Thanks.

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