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Newbie to what must be the 1% of Mustang owners

Just saying hello to all on here....I am so glad I found this forum with what must amount to less than 1% of the Mustang owner population. I currently have a 2014 GT that I will be doing a few things to for trackday events here in Germany where I currently work. I have owned several other Mustangs and did a lot of SCCA Autocross and some tracking back in the late 1980s up till the mid 1990s. I sold my beloved 1986 SVO last year and had gone to a couple of Autocross events recently while home on leave, and that got me interested in trying to find "real" Mustang enthusiasts vs. the rest (sorry if I seem snobbish towards most of the garbage I find in regards to Mustangs on YouTube etc). I hope to pick some brains, and dig into some forums on here for setting up my car.
Cheers all,
J Salyer
Hohenfels, DE

Bill Pemberton

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Wilkommen!! Wrote an entire note to you in German , and then reread your thread and noted you are likely in the service over in Deutschland, and would probably die laughing when I commented your German is likely much better than my English. Of course, your English could easily be better than mine too, ha. Where are you originally from and glad you found the site, as there are probably closer to 10-25% of Mustang owners who track their cars, though as you mentioned , many are likely autocrossers. This site is great for all racing venues , and there is a large contingent of road racers and time trialers on here, yet regardless of their racing bent, plenty of solid info from real serious Machineheads! Keep us posted on the track venues you make it to in Germany and glad to have you on TMO!
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Welcome to the corral, you can count on good support an minimal BS, that's the 1% here.
Welcome to the board! Great group here, make sure you find the TMO Facebook group as well. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Sounds like you might be stationed at USAG Hohenfels? If so- thank you for your service, to you and any other board members here that serve!
Welcome to TMO! Post some photos of your car when you get a chance.
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Welcome and thank you for your service! You'll find the people here are very knowledgeable and friendly...they have taught me a lot.

I've spent some TDY's in Germany, What branch are you in Air Force or Army?

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